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Founded in 2021, Brother to Another (B2A) was born out of the need for a local, First Nation's initiative that operates outside of the current box to address the complex needs and circumstances of young people and families at risk or experiencing the NT Youth Justice and policing systems.  B2A is a culturally driven, wellbeing and healing-centered service boasting a dynamic and experienced team of local First Nation staff. 


Based in the greater Darwin Region, B2A is a local First Nations men's developed, governed and lead charity, that aims to guide and empower First Nation’s young people, families and communities towards the tools, resources, and life skills necessary for healing.  

 Brother to Another consists of the following service and programs:

  •  Youth and family well-being case management and mentoring service.  

  • Identity and Culture mentoring education 

  • Systems change and well-being advocacy

 B2A focuses on strong, genuine relationships, comprehensive strategy and strengths-based holistic data capture and evaluation to support the social, emotional and cultural well-being determinants of young people and families.  

Brother to Another has been made possible due to the philanthropic support of the Bright Moon trust. 

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